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“To Check Out” List 3


My mind has been doing a lot of wandering as of late. Here are some of the places its meandered through:

Beef heart

– W. Kamau Bell here on race and here just being generally hilarious

– Six Grammy nomination for Frank Ocean and five for the Black Keys

– Danny Bowien is the man I want to marry. Here’s why.

– Where to drink Chicagoans!

25 Handy Words that Simply Don’t Exist in English 

The Underground Library (for book lovers and the generally nosy)

National Geographic Photo Contest winners (Even though it didn’t win, I liked this one.)

– Of course, I’m listening to this. But also digging this.

Edzo’s migrates into the Chi!

The Food at Our Feet

Free Cabin Porn

Alejandro Cartagena 

Lead Photo: The flowers I bought myself. My apartment, Chicago, IL.

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“To Check Out” (List #2)

I crashed. After five weeks of training I crashed. Now I’m sick. And it’s over 100 degrees in Chicago. You’re not supposed to be sick when it’s that hot. No no. The good thing? Being sick legitimizes wasting time on the internet. After all, what else can you do besides lay in bed with your computer? That means lots of interesting finds and a list of recipes to cook that is piling high…

– Listening to this and this for inspiration.

– Kevin Horan’s Street Census.

– Parker Fitzgerald’s 365. And some more.

– French cheese.

– Craving the Food of Depravity.

– Do you have 10 Essential Cookbooks? (Read the comments!)

– Discovering summer playlists here and here and here.

– Peter Meehan, thank you for the laugh.

– Why Women Still Can’t Have It All.

– Inappropriate Test Responses.

– 100% of students college bound?! (And at least one a future Wildcat!)

– 5411 empanadas has a store!!!

– Rhubarb Cardamom Pie. I want it. Now.

Chicago Past.

The ‘Busy’ Trap.

Lead photo: From the balcony of my Spanish school. Panajachel, Guatemala.

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“To Check Out” (List #1)

Two of my favorite blogger, Luisa and Heidi, regularly share links to articles, photos, sites, etc. they have discovered and enjoyed in posts separate from those including recipes. I’ve recently had some intriguing finds on the internet and, for this reason, am going to start up a similar series of posts.  I have no intention of creating a consistent schedule to share links, rather, when I’ve gathered enough I find interesting, I’ll compose a post of them. Sound good? Great. Lets do some surfing. Internet surfing, that is:

– Pastry shop + after-school tutoring program = collaboration at its best.

Grains Well Spent.

– Just finished this. Starting this.

–  From Louder than a Bomb. On Chicago and education.

When Michelle Obama Came to Lunch.

My future bike. Hint: it folds.

From the Yellow House: beautiful poem, beautiful photos.

Pianos in Public Spaces. For you musicians out there.

– My coffee shop will have a philosophy like this.

DS2DIO – To people who love dance…

On Cooking: Jazz, Not Classical.

Forage Kitchen.

– Currently jamming out to this.

Bees. And more bees (with a honey granola tart).

– 2012 graduates, read this.

Lead photo: Yet another photo from my travels. Waiting in San Pedro, Guatemala to cross Lake Atitlán.


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